"T-Mac is the kind of guy who makes America great. I love hanging out with him - whether its up a tree-stand at 5am in the morning or around the fire at Deer Camp with all his family. He knows the Outdoors and he knows what it takes to be a good hunter. I respect the guy. As a TV producer who has worked with National Geographic, History and Discovery it has been a great ride to see T-Mac build up his Wild 4 The Outdoors Channel. Every time I watch one of his segments I learn more about the skills to live in and enjoy the Outdoors.... and I know they are skills he has learnt the hard way. From thousands of hours tracking deer, cooking what he hunts and preparing and building the equipment that he depends on in the woods. The man prays for every animal he brings in - that's a true Outdoorsman. I am blessed to be a friend, not only with T-Mac but many of his family. He is great guy, a great hunter and a true American."

 Simon J. Heath

"We at Red Feather Archery are thrilled to be a sponsor of wild4theoutdoors. We choose to sponsor Tyson and wild4theoutdoors because we believe in his methods and his message and fully support his passion for bringing God's great outdoors to regular everyday people in a tasteful and respectful manner.  Furthermore, we were impressed by the professionalism he displayed when creating our commercial for his television program. He was timely, creative and open to input, crafting a commercial that highlights our product well. We are proud to call him a friend and look forward to where this endeavor takes him."  Stan Mercer Owner, Red Feather Archery